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The Crouching Deer (2013)
Golden Gate (2013)
The Jolly Hammock (2013)
The Orb (2013)
The Queen's Moon (2013)
The Urchin (2013)
The Venutian Kiss (2013)

Showcasing how effective a limited color palette is and how sexy letters can be, illustrator Malika Favre has created a full alphabet for the Kama Sutra. Using only a rich gold and sanguine red (accompanied by black and white), Favre creates a beautiful set of 26 erotic illustrations. The flow of her pieces is unmatched and a natural symmetry is displayed. Favre’s style reminds me of art deco illustration, such as Erte’s work for Harper’s Bazaar in the earlier half of the twentieth century.

The Project: “The Kama Sutra Alphabet is a personal project from French-born and London-based illustrator Malika Favre. In 2011, Malika was commissioned by Paul Buckley at Penguin Books US to illustrate the new Deluxe Classic cover of the Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana. Using the original set of 7 letters she created for the cover as a starting point, Malika then decided to develop the full set of 26 as part of an exhibition project." (via The Kama Sutra Project)

I’m particularly fond of the circular letters above and The Venutian Kiss, but the entire alphabet is gorgeous and is a must-see. You can view them as animated images (which are pretty hot, if I do say so myself!)

There’s also a brief editorial on Juxtapoz.

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(Source: olderoticart)


The Guilt-Edged Cage

cover art by Robert McGinnis


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marguerite sauvage my personal favorite (mc)

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At her dressing table.

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So how did you meet?

Tim would spend his Sundays baking pies and teacakes. Rose liked to knit scarves and her favourite colour was lime green.

An orgy. I drew an orgy and I can’t think of a witty comment to go with it. Clearly it comments itself.

Click for sketch and… surprise Pinnochio? Well.

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